Wednesday, August 3, 2011

a geek girl's scrapbooking picks

Tonight's post came about after a number of my fellow geek-ettes responded to either/both my most recent Geek Girl post and/or my latest scrapbook supply order unboxing post. Yes, I do realize that sentence was a little bit like a Choose Your Own Adventure book...anyway...

The combination of those two things got me thinking about the kinds of geeky scrapbooking supplies I really like. I mentioned some of them yesterday, like October Afternoon's Rocket Age collection. I mean, what's not to love here?!?!? You've got paper with star charts...


...paper with solar charts...


...paper with mobiles full of rockets and planets...


...and perhaps my most favorite piece of all, paper that looks like a punch card. A punch card, people!! Do you know how much that thrills a software engineer like me? It's like October Afternoon crawled inside my brain just to see what kind of paper I wanted. Love!!!

And we can't forget the embellishments from this line. Is that little atomic symbol rubber charm not simply the bomb? No pun intended...


And don't get me started on how much I love the Miscellany pack!


Let's take a step away from space and science for a minute (but just a minute) to look at this print from Fancy Pants' upcoming Oct. 31 line. Do you see the figures and diagrams?!?!? Do you have any idea how happy this piece of paper made me when I spotted it at CHA? Must have!


Getting back to science...Jillibean Soup's Atomic Soup line is a geek's dream come true.

Periodic tables!!


Chemical structures!!!


More atomic symbols!!


The Nerdy Bird line from Sassafras is a year or so old now, but those geeky little birds wearing glasses still get me every time!!


Bo Bunny's Blast Off line is another that I wrote about yesterday. I have only two words to add to that narrative... Space. Monkeys.


Studio Calico knows how to make geek chic. This radiating ledger pattern from their new Classic Calico collection? Genius!!


And the math nerd in me is totally drawn to this print, as well.


Any ledger print (this one is also Studio Calico) will set my geeky little heart aflutter...

...but if you really want to make it go pitter patter, take that same ledger design and apply it to embellishments!


Ledger stars?!?!? Pinch me, I must be dreaming!


My love of things nerdy even extends to common office supplies and tools like measuring tapes, meaning that even lines such as Farmhouse from Crate Paper have something to delight my inner nerdling.


I don't normally go for themed lines, but I made a special exception for the Star Wars line from Creative Imaginations, especially some of the more cerebral prints such as this Star Wars logo sheet (it works very well when used in small bits, as I did here).


And this blueprint sheet is definitely one of my favorites in the line (see a page I made with it here)!


Some school-themed lines (but, again, not too themed) are great for geeks, too. Pink Paislee's (now retired) Old School line definitely comes to mind...give me a vague alphanumeric reference and a bit of a calendar and I'm happy!



So there you have the supplies that make this geek girl all giggly. And now I want to hear from the rest of you (you know who you are!!)- what geeky stuff have you been eyeing lately?