Sunday, August 28, 2011

geek girl | august 28, 2011

Woohooo, Doctor Who is back on for the second half of the sixth season!! I downloaded the first episode from iTunes this morning and just finished watching it, and, whoa, is it ever awesome!!

There's also been a TON of great Star Wars geekery posted around the web in the last week, and I've picked some of my favorites to share with you tonight.

From the top left:
  • Take a closer look at this adorable Chewbacca needlepoint over at Epbot (along with some super cool DIY jewelry).
  • The Trooper is a new Star Wars inspired iPad case, complete with built-in keyboard. I must say that I'm tempted!
  • There's lots of R2-D2 in the roundup this week, starting with this ice cube tray shaped like the lovable little robot.
  • This totally cool Death Star cake is made even more awesome by the array of Star Wars character cupcakes surrounding it. 
  • Zakka life posted lots of photos from the new Legoland in California. The AT-ATs are pictured above, but if you click through to the post you'll see a life-size Chewbacca, as well! That same figure was at Celebration V last year and is really quite impressive!
  • Check out this custom made R2-D2 bike helmet!
  • And if ice cube trays and helmets aren't enough, how about an R2-D2 planetarium, complete with a Death Star!
  • I've said it before, and these handmade TIE fighters are going to make me say it again- I really have to learn to crotchet!
  • This detailed AT-AT cake is surrounded by awesome stormtrooper figures. How does anyone ever work up the nerve to ever actually cut these cakes?!?!?
Until next time, geek out, peeps!