Sunday, August 7, 2011

father's day

Now that I've finally finished blogging all of my Aruba photos, I can finally get to some of the backlog of other events that have been patiently waiting for their turn to be posted. Next up on the list? Father's Day! At this rate I may be posting my 4th of July fireworks photos on Halloween...

I went to visit my parents for Father's Day and stayed for the weekend at their house. When I arrived early on Saturday morning, my brother (this was his first Father's Day!) was feeding miss Sophie her breakfast.


As usual, she got distracted by the camera while eating. Beth and Jon just love it when I do that to her. :)


I didn't take a ton of photos during the morning and early afternoon because we were all busy cooking and cleaning and getting ready for all the dads in the family (my Dad's idea!) to come over for barbeque and dessert.

I couldn't help picking up the camera, though, when Mom got out one of our old Dino-Roars (anyone remember those?) to play with Sophie. The girl has some serious lung capacity and proceeded to roar right back at it.





My Dad, the master of homemade ice cream, was responsible for this deliciousness.


And now that the family had all arrived and the prep was over, I had some time to get the camera out and grab a few photos of peeps.

My cousin Jake.



My uncle Mike and aunt Tina (Jake's parents).


Cut li'l miss Beth.


Sophie was taking turns wearing us out walking all over the house (while held her hands), and when she wandered back into my old room (where her crib is), I managed to grab some photos of just her.


And also her and me in a mirror. See? The child gravitates to the camera. I'm going to have to get her a Nikon for Christmas or something.


Three generations of Stinson dads in one shoot- cool!


And then we got Sophie involved, though she seemed more interested in chewing on her fingers...


....which Jon removed (completely deadpan, I might add)...


...and what you don't see right after this photo is that she stuck them right back in her mouth again!


The child is brother has seen to that. :)



My Dad helping Sophie stand...


..until she decided to sit down again. It's cute how she'll turn right back around and look at you.



Sophie started to get a bit sleepy toward the evening...


DSC_6218.jpg we were watching Dad and Jon open their Father's Day gifts. I bought him a BaLens white balance lens cap. I love mine!



Beth and Jon gave him some new woodworking tools.




And J got another season of The Big Bang Theory on DVD. Sweet!


And also a woodworking book.


The next morning Sophie was up early (ummm, when did this post become about Sophie instead of about Father's Day?) eating breakfast and finished at about the same time I was ready to go out for a 3 mile run. I ended up taking her with me in the stroller (unfortunately I don't have photos of that) and running the entire course (including the many hills!) while pushing her. She absolutely loved it! Me? I thought I was going to die near the end, but it was a great workout.

And here's the cutie-bug herself a little later playing hide and seek under a towel. Oh, the things that will amuse you when you're 11 months old. :)




I don't have any photos of the rest of the afternoon. Mom had to run some errands in Hendersonville and dropped me off at HomeGoods (where I found some lovely serving pieces to use as scrapbook storage) for a while, and we were generally lazy and laid-back for the rest of the afternoon until I left to drive back home.

And, guess what? I was back in two weeks to run a 5K and take photos of fireworks. More on that later, though!