Wednesday, August 10, 2011

the book is finally out!!!

Imagine my excitement today when I popped over to Amazon to check for an updated release date for Scrapbook Workshop and found that it's now available to order for realz and not just for preorder!!!! I was as giddy at that moment as I was when I first received the email from May Flaum asking me to take part in this amazing publication. And, while I haven't yet received my print copy from F+W yet, I did download the Kindle edition to my iPad (ummm, and maybe also to my iPhone while I was still at work...but I'll never tell for sure!) because I simply couldn't wait to see it all!!


The amount of talent in this book is simply staggering- I'm still pinching myself because this can't possibly be real. How did I end up in a book with so many of these scrappers and bloggers that I've admired for so long? Kelly Purkey, Lisa Truesdell, Anna Aspnes, Lisa Dickinson...the list just goes on and on!

This is truly an idea book like no other that's ever been published, and the content is all fresh, new, and never seen before. Every scrapper has contributed a step-by-step technique tutorial along with some amazing projects. Trust me, you definitely want to get your hands on this one!

[8/11 Update] Thanks to the lovely May Flaum for sending along a list of everyone in the book, including their blogs!!

Anna Aspnes

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer

Kimberly Crawford

Lisa Dickinson

May Flaum

Nora Griffin

Debbie Hodge

Sasha Holloway

Nathalie Kalbach

Megan Klauer

Kendra McCracken

Becky Olsen

Katie Pertiet

Kelly Purkey

Debee Ruiz

Doris Sander

Keshet Shenkar Starr

Melissa Stinson

Irene Tan

Sharyn Tormanen

Lisa Truesdell

Tammy Tutterow

Iris Babao Uy

Wendy Vecchi

Dina Wakley

Deena Ziegler