Tuesday, July 5, 2011

sweet peach crop shop layout | i didn't need that spleen anyway


It's a new month, which means that it's time for a new kit at the Sweet Peach Crop Shop (okay, actually a new month means all sorts of things, but I'm focusing on the new kit right now :) ). I received the Sweet kit to work with this month, and I love its fun mix of colors and patterns! I don't know that I ever would have thought to pair those particular dark shades of orange and blue with turquoise if I hadn't seen it here, but man, do I love it!


I'll be sharing my pages throughout the month, and I want to start with one of my favorites- one that I giggled to myself about the entire time I was making it...


One day, when my niece is a bit older, she's going to be surfing the web and stumble across all these layouts I made of her as a baby and be just a tiny bit traumatized. And then I'm sure that Beth and Jon are going to insist that I pay for the resulting therapy bills...

And this one? May be the worst (cutest?) one yet, because it documents how very adept miss Sophie is at climbing on people...and managing to always stick her little foot in a vital organ on the way up. 


She's at such a fun stage right now- walking a few steps on her own, but mostly wanting you to hold her hands while she toddles around (and if you stop for two seconds she starts crying). She's also a serious monkey-baby, climbing everything (and everyone!), and she's absolutely fearless (thanks to my brother- you'll see why when I get the Father's Day photos posted).


Speaking of things I need to get posted, those photos were taken at my Mom's birthday party about a month ago! They're in the queue to post, but my photo editing backlog is growing a tad bit faster than I can keep up with it at the moment. I'm totally not complaining, though- in my opinion there's no such thing as too many photos!

One final, parting thought...could this possibly be the first time ever in the history of kit club design team layouts that the word "spleen" has been used in a title? Hmm...