Friday, July 1, 2011

summer card camp | loading the videos to your ipad

So, that color combo badge from Summer Card Camp? I was just itching for an excuse to post it. Work has been so horrifically busy (and really just horrific) this week that I haven't had time to make my card, but it's on today's agenda (as is a Friday Favorites post, coming up later today).

What I have thoroughly enjoyed about the class so far is that the content is totally downloadable! Students receive emails with PDFs of the day's content, and then twice a week there are videos that they are downloadable, too!! As a bonus, they're also totally compatible with the iPad (and iPhone and iPod Touch). I happened to mention this fact while out and about on the interwebs and received a question back as to how to load the videos. I started to type out a reply, but then realized that this was best shown rather than strictly told, so here's a little tutorial for you. :) You can click on any of the screen shots to bring up a larger, more readable photo.

First off, I downloaded my videos. I'm going to assume that you already know how to do this. I just stuck mine in a folder, but you can put them on your desktop or anywhere it's easy to access them (note that I'm showing this on a Mac, but the same steps should work for Windows).

I'm going to show two ways to load the videos. One is through iTunes, which is not as easy but doesn't require that you have any extra apps loaded. The second is my favorite and uses Goodreader. I recommend that you read this entire post before deciding which method you want to use.

So, the iTunes method...

Open iTunes. Open the folder (or wherever you stored your downloaded videos) and select the ones you want to sync to your iPad. Drag them over your "Library" section in the left sidebar of iTunes, then drop them there. They'll import into iTunes.

Side note: Yes, that is the score from the fifth season of Doctor Who in my library. :) I may or may not have been playing "Onwards!" and "I Am The Doctor" on a loop while writing this. Also? Excellent running music. :)

If you click your "Recently Added" smart playlist after the import is complete, you'll see your videos there.

Hook your iPad up to your computer. When iTunes recognizes it, click on the iPad's listing in the left sidebar to bring up its settings.

Click "Movies" along the top of the iPad setting page to bring up the "Sync Movies" settings.

Check the box that says "Sync Movies."

From here, you can leave the setting to automatically sync all movies in place to import all movies from your iTunes library (which may be more than your iPad can hold, depending on how many you have), or you can do what I prefer to do and uncheck the box next to the automatic setting and instead select individual videos. (Once you uncheck the box, a listing of available videos will appear for you to choose from.)

Check the boxes next to the videos you want to sync to your iPad, then click the "Apply" button. PLEASE NOTE: If you do this on a computer that you don't normally sync your iPad with iTunes on, it will wipe out all content on your iPad and replace it with only the content on this computer. I hate this feature of iTunes, and it's really why I prefer to use the second method that works easily no matter what computer you're on.

Once syncing is complete, you can disconnect your iPad and find your videos in the iPod App.

Now, on to the GoodReader method! GoodReader is a $4.99 app for the iPad that is advertised as a PDF reader (and it's an excellent one), but its hidden talent is that it's also an awesome file system for the iPad! If you choose to go this route, you'll need to go to the App Store on your iPad and purchase GoodReader before continuing.

After you've done that, connect your iPad to your computer, select it in the left sidebar to bring up its settings, then click on the "Apps" tab. You may need to scroll down to the bottom of this screen (depending on your monitor size and resolution) to see the "File Sharing" section. GoodReader should be listed, and you'll need to click on it to bring up its document listing.

Once you've done that, select the videos from the folder (or wherever) you downloaded them to and drag them into the box labeled "GoodReader Documents." You can see that I've got a bunch of stuff in mine already. :)

As soon as you drag and drop, the file transfer will begin. Once it's done, you can disconnect your iPad from the computer, turn it on and bring up GoodReader, and your videos will be in the My Documents section. All you have to do from there is tap on one to start playing it!!

Please note that your videos have to be in an iPad compatible format for this to work. I know that the ones from Card Camp are, as are the videos from Ali Edwards' Scrapbook on the Road class. If your video refuses to import into iTunes or won't play when you select it in GoodReader, chances are it is not compatible.