Thursday, July 14, 2011

my week in the life plan

Ali Edwards is gearing up to run her Week in the Life project again at the end of July, and I'm so excited to be participating for the third time! I love the previous two albums I've made- they're so full of photos of everyday things that have changed in the last 3 years- we've moved houses, changed furniture, changed routines...there are so many things I would have forgotten had I not documented them at the time.

There is one thing I don't love about this project, though, and that's how long it can take to put the album together even after all the photos are taken and the writing is done. It takes so much time away from my other scrapping, and I actually just finished assembling last year's album about 6 weeks ago because I procrastinated so much and put other projects ahead of it. That's why this year I've decided to do things a little differently- I'm doing this project completely digitally and having it printed as a photo book when it's complete.

I'm using Ali's Week in the Life template set as my foundation pages- the layouts are clean and simple, and so much of the work is already done with these.

And for decorative part of the project (because we all love shiny supplies, right?) I've selected Jen Allyson's "Nostalgia" kit. I adore the colors, patterns, and embellishments in this set and think it will be a great backdrop for all those photos I'll be taking.

One thing a photo book doesn't allow for is all the "stuff" that's collected during this project...or does it? I'm not sure how much stuff I'll actually have to put in my book since between my Project Life and Summer Mini albums a lot of those little bits and pieces already have homes. My plan for the rest of it is to have some "extra" pages printed in my book- maybe just a full page of patterned paper for each day- and then adhere all that "stuff" straight into the photo book when it arrives. I've not seen anything like that done with a photo book before (if you've done it or seen it before, please link me up!), so I'm anxious and excited to see how it will turn out.

So, that's my grand plan for Week in the Life- keep it simple and easy and use some gorgeous supplies along the way. What about you guys? Are you participating? What have you got planned for your album?