Sunday, July 31, 2011

geek girl | july 31 2011

Did I ever happen to mention that Darren left for Kenya on the same day that the last Harry Potter movie came out? I mean, seriously, who does that?!!!

Now that he's back and we've been to see it (yesterday, to be exact), I have two thoughts on the subject. First, the book was so much better. Second, I'm so done with theaters. During the very quiet, very somber opening sequence, someone behind me proceeded to crinkle a plastic wrapper for five minutes straight- I was so ready to go knock the offending moviegoer out! The previous movie we watched at the theater- Transformers 3- ended with me picking my purse up from the floor in front of my chair and finding that someone behind me had spilled their soda all over the floor. My purse was soaked!! Luckily my iPad (which I carry in it) was unharmed.

I think that only a fourth Transformers movie staring both Joe Flanigan and David Tennant could even make me think about going to the theater again at this point. That, or the next Bond movie...

Okay, enough grumbling about movie theaters...I've got some cool Harry Potter related geekiness to share with you today, along with other assorted bits of nerdism!

From the top left:
  • Firefly and My Little Pony? Yes, please!!
  • Apparently Harry Potter makes people hungry, because almost all of the related items I have to share today are edible! These gorgeous Harry Potter cupcakes are first on that list.
  • How about a little more Firefly? James Hance shares a great Muppets/Firefly mashup. I think that Jayne/Fozzie is my favorite (did you spot the "Vera" rubber chicken?)!
  • These Geek ABCs are soooo...well, so true!!
  • Whoever thought of these Golden Snitch cake pops is a genius!
  • Cupcakes Take the Cake shares another set of Harry Potter cupcakes, this time featuring a red glittered lightning bolt.
  • This Sorting Hat cupcake makes me think of my Dad's impersonation of "Gryffindor!!" He's quite good at it. :)
  • Oh Hello Friend's blog has a cool Harry Potter related animated gif image. Unfortunately gifs don't collage, but you can click through to see it for yourself.
  • Toast to the final movie in the series with a glass of Butterbeer, courtesy of Birthday Girl. The little brooms are a darling touch. :)

And, this video is completely unrelated to Harry Potter (except for the fact that it's also British), but I'm so excited for the second half of Doctor Who's sixth series to get started that I just had to share the new trailer!

Until next time, geek out, peeps!