Saturday, July 23, 2011

counterfeit kit layout | snapshot


I think my exact response to Counterfeit Kit's scraplift challenge this month was "yippee!!" You see, we had the option of choosing any layout from any gallery to lift, so I beat a path straight to Marcy Penner's gallery at Studio Calico and chose this stunning layout to lift.


I hadn't scraplifted in a very long time! I used to do it exclusively, but ever since the Style Reboot I haven't, and I found it immensely enjoyable to rest my page design brain for a while and focus solely on color and pattern. I managed to lift her layout, right down to the title!!


So the story behind this layout is that we were walking through Atlantis while on vacation to the Bahamas in December, and I stopped for a minute to shoot a self-portrait of us in a fancy mirror next to a bathroom of all places.

And, really, that's all there is to the story! That's one of the reasons I love one and two photo layouts- you can capture little snippets of story here and there without having to worry about cramming a whole day or a whole vacation's worth of stories onto a single page.


Okay, over and out for now- I've got tons more CHA photos to edit!