Saturday, June 4, 2011

star wars celebration v photo book

I don't think there's a Star Wars geek left on the planet that hasn't heard last Thursday's announcement about Celebration VI. I, for one, am super excited that not only will the biggest party this side of the galaxy be held in Orlando, Florida again (an easy 1.5 hour flight from my home), but it's being held in 2012 instead of 2013 like we all thought it would be. Geeklings of the world, rejoice!!

In celebration of Celebration VI, I'm sharing my photo book of Celebration V (that's a whole lot of celebrating...) today. I recently (as in the last month) put this together and had it printed at Shutterfly as an 8x8 album. It's all photos and no journaling- I feel I've pretty much written everything I'm going to about the experience (see blog posts here, here, here, here, here, and here), and there's extra journaling on the pages that I've scrapped so far (here, here, here, and here). This book is just for eye-candy.

I used the Curated kit (a collaboration between Paislee Press and Kitschy Digitals) throughout the album. I've used the kit before (for this summer vacation album), but I'd originally purchased it with my convention photos in mind- I think the juxtaposition of the girly quick pages and super-geeky photos is a cool combination.

Now, on to the fun- here's my album in all it's glory- best viewed while listening to the Imperial March.

page 1.jpg

page 2.jpg

page 3.jpg

page 4.jpg

page 5.jpg

page 6.jpg

page 7.jpg

page 8.jpg

page 9.jpg

page 10.jpg

page 11.jpg

page 12.jpg

page 13.jpg

page 14.jpg

page 15.jpg

page 16.jpg

page 17.jpg

page 18.jpg

page 19.jpg

page 20.jpg

page 21.jpg

page 22.jpg