Sunday, June 19, 2011

geek girl | happy father's day!

Earlier this week I blogged about one of life's great mysteries- namely whether or not I've inherited my Dad's grilling genes. Dad commented back that while the status of my grilling skills is still unknown, I definitely got his photography genes. :)

Another segment of my DNA that I definitely get from Dad? The sci-fi-and-action-movie genes. I remember watching James Bond movies with him when I was little (I recall Licence To Kill, my favorite Bond movie ever, was screened at our casa when I was 8 or so), and I've been told that I was taken to the theater when Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back was released, which means I couldn't have been more than two or three months old at the time!

This week's geek girl post is dedicated to my Dad, in honor of all the wonderful geekery he introduced me to.

From left to right:
  • If you thought that the Robot Chicken retellings of Star Wars were genius, check out these awesome Iconoscope images
  • This IKEA-like Litsabbur instruction sheet is even more cryptic than that last bit...much like all IKEA instructions are. In fact, it's so good that that little thumbnail isn't going to cut it, so here's the full version...
  • Do not adjust your computer monitors! Yes, that is indeed an iPhone case featuring Steve carbonite. :)
  • These crayon Star Wars sculptures are simply stunning! I mean, just look at the detail work!
  • Oh, if only this Star Wars college course had been available when I was in school- I might have totally changed my major from Computer Science to Jedi, with a minor in Lightsaber. Come to think of it, it's probably a good thing that didn't happen...
  • How would you like to see this Yoda stained glass window gracing a church near you? Hmmm, I need to call up my pastor about that...I'm sure he'll be thrilled.
  • I can almost assure you that your dad does not want this Luke Skywalker jacket (complete with Yavin medal) for Father's Day. It's worse than a tie!
  • It had to happen eventually- Star Wars has met Angry Birds! Now, if only we could actually get levels like this for the iPhone version... 
  •  This last piece so should have gone in last week's playing with your food post. How great is this reenactment of the Hoth ice cave a freezer!!
And now for a couple of fun videos!

May Flaum sent this one along to me last week, and now I'm totally on an "I wanna go to Disney kick." Oh, who am I kidding, I've been on that kick for years!

And, for dads everywhere, have you had the Star Wars talk with your kids yet?

Until next time, geek out, peeps!