Sunday, June 26, 2011

geek girl | the empire snarks back

Today's Geek Girl post is filled with a bit of everything- Star Wars, Doctor Who, and even a video game...and a calculator? Let's check it all out!


From left to right:
  • Get some awesome Star Wars droid wallpapers for your computer. Warning- they're more than slightly emo. :)
  • Elsie Flanigan (aren't I usually talking about her on my crafty posts?!?!?) made an awesome dress from a piece of Star Wars fabric. Too cool!
  • It's almost a crime to have a Geek Girl post without some sort of confection, so here's your Weighted Companion Cube (along with other gamer-ific cakes at Cake Wrecks) for the week. If you go ahead and eat it now, I won't ask you to incinerate it later...
  • Here's a good paper-crafty project- print the covers to make your very own TARDIS journal, just like River Song's (hey, how about that mid-season ender, guys? Holy Moly!!).
  • After looking at this shirt on Threadless, it's totally obvious, and I'm wondering how I never noticed it before. Dude. Dude.
  • When I hear the words Star Wars wedding, I immediately think of something hokey and Vegas-style. But this wedding? Wow, it actually looks really cool! I LOVE the Stormtroopers in the wedding party!
  • I bought this amazing Darth Vader letterpress card for my Dad for Father's Day. It's a little late for this time around, but you could always pre-buy for next year!
  • Is this baby Weeping Angel not the cutest thing ever? I mean, it has a little concrete diaper and everything! Check it out at Epbot (along with baby Davros and some other cool characters).
  • I cannot believe that I'm going to post a "when I was in school" item...but when I was in school, our graphing calculators were not in color, and they most definitely did not have wifi! I carried my un-connected, monochromatic TI-82 to school for 8 years (through high school and college). And it was uphill. Both ways. In the snow. With no shoes. Kids nowadays, though, have the option to carry the TI Inspire CX color graphing calculator. Spoiled brats.

And I have one video to share with you today- Tom Selleck's screen test for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom! Apparently he was first choice for Indy before Harrison Ford, which prompted me to also wonder who could have replaced him as Han Solo in Star Wars. I vote for Bruce Campbell (never mind that he would only have been 18 at the time...)

Until next time, geek out, peeps!