Monday, June 6, 2011

counterfeit kit | june 2011

It went a little something like this...Nancy Nally (of Scrapbook Update) tweeted about a new scrapbooking kit club, so I clicked through the included link and was blown away by how gorgeous their premiere kit is. I immediately made plans to counterfeit one of my own (especially since I already own most of the exact papers in it), and then ran over to my girls at the Counterfeit Kit challenge and posted about it there (just in case anyone felt the same way). I guess Meridy and Bethany really liked it, because they chose it at June's inspiration kit!

Burlap and Buttercups is a brand new club on the scene, and I'm really excited to see more of their work in the coming months since their first kit is so smashingly awesome. How could you not just love all that Luscious Basic Grey paper?!?!?!

As much as I love this kit, it presented something of a dilemma for this Master Forger. I mentioned earlier that I already have most of the papers- like, the entire Luscious line from Basic Grey and that sweet sheet of American Crafts with the bright colors on the kraft background. Would it be considered cheating if I used exactly the same papers as the kit included? True, I'd still be going it on my own for a few of the papers and most of the embellishments, but it just seemed to easy.



I did end up changing several of the embellishments out, such as the alphabet. I didn't care for the green letters in the original and opted for grey instead, though I did include green as one of my mini alphas.


I substituted some recently acquired Pink Paislee twine for the two colors included with the original, as well.


Finally, since I was still a bit concerned about the papers, I had a conversation with myself. I said, "self, you love this kit, and there's a reason why you already have most of the papers in it- it's because you've finally learned to buy what you really like." And with that I talked myself out of making it harder than it had to be. After all, I didn't purchase anything new specifically for this kit and used some stash (relatively new stash, but stash nonetheless), which is the whole point of the challenge. And if it happens to have many of the same papers, so be it- this is a great way to get me to actually use them and pair them up with some other items that I might not have considered before.



So, with that long explanation out of the way, let me introduce you to my kit.


She and I (she's definitely a she, and she's definitely sassy) are going to be great friends, I just know it!