Tuesday, May 31, 2011

unraveling the sassafras mystery [box]

It seems like most scrapbooking manufacturers have their own version of a warehouse/grab bag/mystery box sale these days. I've seen advertisements from big names such as Maya Road, Piggy Tales, and Webster's Pages all within just the last few weeks! I'm a fairly cautious consumer, though, and I've never bought one of these boxes (often offered at 50-75% off of retail price). I'm just too much of a control freak when it comes to picking out my supplies to let someone else do it for me...until now.

Yup, I finally caved and bought a box from the Sassafras box sale. I did cheat a bit, though- I waited until some of the first customers received their packages and posted photos of the goods (the ad was for $215 worth of product for $49, including shipping) before I made the decision to purchase one for myself.

My box arrived late last week, and, boy, oh boy, am I ever glad I placed an order. The contents are nothing short of amazing! I wanted to share photos of the loot with you guys even though the boxes are sold out now. They have this sort of sale a couple of times a year, so maybe this will help someone decide next time around.

First up, some adorable Felties embellishments and a few Wee Bundle paper pads (Apple Jack, Mix and Mend, and Count Me In).


I got silly excited over these mini alpha stickers (the letters are about the size of my thumbnail) and was please to get so many sheets of them- especially the ledger and burlap patterns!


I may or may not have gone all squeeeeeee (Darren asked me if I'd found treasure) over this gorgeous assortment of blooms- the included everything from vintage brooch styles to colorful patterned paper blossoms.


And then there are the paper lines. Oh, so many (six, actually) completed or nearly complete paper lines. Be still my beating heart!

Count Me In (note the inclusion of decorative, journaling, and banner stickers- I adore their banner stickers!).


Mix and Mend (one of my favorite Sassafras lines in recent memory, and with a bonus set of alpha stickers to boot.


Cherry Delicious.


Indie Girl (I love the colors in this one).


Nerdy Bird (only 5 of the 6 sheets in this one, but who cares- it's so perfect for geeky layouts!).


Paper Crush (again, only 5 of the 6 original patterns, but that doesn't bother me at all).


I'd say that this box is a great bargain for a Sassafras lover like me (their use of bold, bright colors has made them one of my favorite manufacturers ever), especially if you consider that shipping was included in the box price! I will definitely be taking them up on any similar sales they have in the future.