Tuesday, May 3, 2011

layout: smithsonian air and space


So the power is back, but the magical interwebs have not yet graced our house with their presence. I'm actually okay with that on a temporary basis as it's making me super-productive (you'd be shocked at the amount of cleaning and the number of loads of laundry I got done after work yesterday). I had no idea what a time-suck my Google Reader really was!!


I still have several layouts that I made with my March Counterfeit Kit to share, so I'll be posting them while I'm waiting for full connectivity to be able to upload layouts for my Style Reboot series (so excited about that one)!


Though I've been struggling lately with multi-photo layouts, I didn't have any real issues with this one.

smithsonian air and space.jpg

I think it came more easily because it's not so "blocky" and had lots of little gaps and spaces that made it easier for me to fit in bits of paper and embellishment.


Of course, photos of me hugging and R2-D2 mailbox are just fun to scrap in the first place. :) All of these pictures are from a trip to DC we took in April of 2009 to see the Cherry Blossom Festival, and while we were there we went to several museums including the Smithsonian Air and Space.


These photos are even more fun to look back on now, because I remember that later that summer I was watching Transformers 2 on the IMAX and just had to grin through the parts that were filmed in this museum. It's a little surreal to see places you've been on a movie screen!

I hope to be back tomorrow or Thursday with another Style Reboot post. I've been scrapping away in my new-found comfort zone and am totally loving it!