Sunday, May 29, 2011

geek girl | geeking out and taking names

I've been a bad, bad geek girl, and I'll admit it. I don't post random (okay, not-so-random) geekery here as often as I should because, honestly, I've just never been fond of formatting the posts. Yes, that's the entire reason for the lack of nerdiness around here- I'm stumped as to how to present it all. Somehow the long string of random photos and links that I've used previously doesn't do it for me.

In scrapbooking, if something isn't working for you, the usual fix is to walk away for a bit then come back and change it up when you have a fresh eye. I've definitely been away from the geek posts for a while, and now that I'm coming back to them I think it's time for a little shake-up! The shake-up will look very familiar to my regular blog readers, though, as I'm going to try the same format as my Friday Favorites for a little while.

So, without further ado, here's this weeks geek roundup:

From left to right:
  • I'm totally giggly over this telephone instruction manual for aliens found at the Tumblr blog of Where's the TARDIS. In fact, I'm not sure that tiny little image does it justice, so here's the full pic (see, I'm breaking my own rules already! :) ).

  • I have only one question about this TARDIS lunchbox- is it bigger on the inside?
  • Come along, Pond! It's time for a game of chess. And what better way to play it than on a Doctor Who chess set?
  • This has got to be the weirdest (and creepiest) bit of Doctor Who merchandise I've ever seen- a coffin. Yes, a coffin. ::shudder:: Okay, moving along...
  • This TARDIS blanket is really making me wish I knew how to knit! Or that I had a great-aunt-once-removed who knew how to knit. And liked Doctor Who. Because that would be insanely cool. Like a bowtie. Or a fez.
  • You never know quite where the TARDIS will turn up, such as this appearance in Farmville. Or my backyard (okay, so that's wishful thinking...).
  • Geekery has been the subject of many a cool cupcake, and these Doctor Who specimens are no exception. Definitely some serious awesome-sauce going on there!
  • Speaking of cool cupcakes, check out this batch featuring the crew from Firefly. If you click through the link, you can see Jayne (Adam Baldwin) in his cunning hat. 
  • The answer to the question of exactly why a geek would do something is usually "because they can." I suspect that such is the case with this giant Pac-Man sculpture made of...cans.

    A couple of great videos have popped up on my radar recently, as well.

    I have to admit that I wasn't very excited about Transformers 3 until I got a glimpse of the trailer. It looks to be made of pure win!

    This may be the first time I've included a cage dancing video on my blog. Watch as Adam Savage boogies in a Faraday cage between a pair of Tesla coils playing the Doctor Who theme. And if you don't know who or what Adam Savage, a Faraday cage, Tesla coils, or Doctor Who are, I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry.

    So, what do you guys think of the new format? Like it? Hate it? Miss the stream of full pictures? Don't care? Let me know!