Friday, May 6, 2011

counterfeit kit: may 2011

I gotta tell you, I got silly excited when Bethany and Meridy sent out the inspiration for this month's Counterfeit Kit challenge. I mean, those colors? That contrast? How could I not love it?!?

This particular collection hails from WIP Kits, where it's already sold out! Sounds like the perfect reason to counterfeit it, because you're not going to get one any other way!

The photo above is the original kit, and I did what I usually do and took my cues from the kit's colors when making my own. Some of the Forgers go by theme and some by product type, but I almost always go by color- it's just how my brain works.


I will admit that I may have gone a bit nuts with the paper- I picked 17 sheets!!! When I stepped back to try to figure out what I'd chosen so many, it hit me that many of the papers in the original kit had a mixture of several colors on them, while most of my papers only feature one or two. I had to include a lot of papers to get all those colors represented!


Here's a closer look at a few more embellishments that I added (I love those Sassafras banner stickers) and a couple of mini alphabets I threw in. That's one of my rules of kitting, you know..."thou shalt include at least one mini alphabet per kit." Or two...or three. :)


And this is something else that I always include in my kits- a selection of buttons and flowers (some of my staple embellishments) in coordinating colors. I just love that rainbow look!


I've already been scrapping with this kit and making some colorful pages that I just love. I can't wait to share them with you here on the blog as the month goes on.

Happy kitting!