Thursday, April 21, 2011

This Is Me...

...hanging in there! My Mom sent me this adorable image yesterday, and it certainly applies to today!! Let's just say that someone at work promised they would deliver something to me LAST THURSDAY and finally delivered it to me on Tuesday of this week...only it didn't work!! So we went round and round again (with many, many emails to many levels of management) until I finally got what I needed...and it still doesn't work! And the whole time our customer, who needed said item for a test event, has been most displeased at the massive schedule delay.

And the best part? The whole thing has canceled my usual off Friday tomorrow (I work an extra hour each day so as to have alternate Fridays off- it's a normal work schedule at my company, so not out of the ordinary), which sent my stress level through the roof.

Deep breaths, though, because at least I'll still have the weekend, and I have great plans to finish an article for Scrapbook Update on Saturday. I will be hiding my cell phone for fear that they will call me back in, though...

I also purchased two fantastic digital kits today, and I feel like it's time to sit down and actually make my first all-digital layout (because goodness knows I have enough digital supplies). That will happen this weekend, and I'll be sure to share it here!

Want to see the pretties I bought?

I'm totally in love with this one- Nostalgia by Jen Allyson. Could those colors be any more yummy?!?!!?

And there there's Sorriso from Paisless Press. Ummm, yes, please? And for some reason I'm totally loving that ink splatter.

And on the paper front, I picked up a new punch at JoAnn last night- I've been wanting the Fiskars Postage Stamp border punch for a while!

How can I possibly stay stressed with so many new pretties? It's time to get scrapping!