Monday, April 4, 2011

Layout: Geek Girl, The College Years

_DSC2913.jpg this a Geek Girl post, or a Layout post?

It's actually both. :)

Geek Girl The College Years.jpg

While I was looking through photos to use in May Flaum's Creative Retreat class I came across these geeky shots from college (I'm not in them because I was holding the camera).


You see, I went to school to get a degree in Computer Science, which means I learned to write code. In fact, I learned to write code very well (hence the reason I do it for a living now). But I learned to write code so well in school that I was chosen to be on our university's team at the ACM International Programming Contest in 2000!


I'd totally forgotten about this little experience (and no, we didn't win- not even close!) until I came across the photos and negatives in my to-scan pile (remnants of my non DLSR days, ::sigh::).


I picked one of my funky, fun Pink Ninja kits from last fall to use for this page (I'm really turning into a kit scrapper, aren't I?). This one included lots of Sassafras's "Nerdy Bird" line, which was just perfect given the subject!!


Once a Geek Girl, always a Geek Girl, right? :)