Sunday, April 3, 2011

Geek Girl: The Book That Bent My Brain

There are those who say that my brain was already slightly warped before I read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and the book just finished the job off.

To them I're probably right. :)

Whatever the order of events, this comic masterpiece by Douglas Adams is definitely my favorite book, and also the one that I tell people they need to read if they want to understand me. It's zany, off-the-wall, and completely irreverent (and there's more than a little sci-fi thrown in, as well). It also explains my obsession with towels and the number 42.

I've noticed lately that I own an inordinate number of copies of this book (though I know some Jane Austen fans who probably have more editions of Pride and Prejudice). The one I've read the most is the massive hard-bound one (containing all five novels in the Hitchhiker's trilogy) that I've had since high school. I think my parents bought it for me on a trip to Books a Million.


I was thrilled to find this "classics" edition of H2G2 while wandering through Barnes and Noble (on a business trip, no less) one day a few years ago.


It came complete with faux leather binding...


...and gold edged pages!


I also recently aquired an iPad version (on the Barnes and Noble Nook app)...


...and my Dad still picks up copies whenever he spots them at yard sales or the used book store. I've got quite a little collection going there, too. :)


And, before you ask, I haven't seen the movie or the BBC television show- I believe this is one of those books that just has to be read to really get it. Now, the recent Dirk Gently remake? That I can get behind!

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