Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Counterfeit Kit Blog Hop: April 2011


Yes, that is a photo of a flower (columbine, to be exact), and, yes, you are in the right place for the Counterfeit Kit Design Team blog hop.

So, why the photo of flora at the top of the post? It's there to give my Mom fair warning that if she doesn't want to see her Mother's Day card, she should stop reading now. :) You see, my project for this month's challenge was born out of a need for two things...the first and most obvious was to have something to post for the hop, and the second was the fact that I'll need a Mother's Day card in a couple of weeks. Thus, Mom's card is on the blog today long before she'll receive it.

Are you still reading, Mom? Because I'm giving you one more flower photo before I show the card! :)


The hop challenge for this month was to find inspiration for a project on one of the other Master Forgers' blogs. I chose this post on Shazi's lovely blog because of the gorgeous yellow and pink color combination. As soon as I saw her creation I knew I'd found the boost I needed to get my Mother's Day card made!


I want to take a minute to confess something. Those yellow flower and butterfly die cuts? They weren't in my original kit!

Oh, yes, I said it. It's on now!!

Seriously, though- I've read posts from more than one scrapper participating at Counterfeit Kit about how they wished they'd included an item in their kit so they could use it on a project, and to that I want to say it's all good. Really, we have enough rules imposed on us everyday without making up more ourselves, so if I find something later in my stash that I think would work well with my kit, then gosh darn it, I'm gonna use it!!

My philosophy is this- if I were subscribing to a kit club,  I'd more than likely still pull items here and there from my stash to use on layouts, especially if I knew I had the perfect item for a page. The same should go for kits that I made from my stash in the first place!!! Are you with me???

Okay, I'll get off my soapbox now and send you over to Sherri's fab blog, where she's got a great project to share with you. Thanks for stopping by, and Mom, if you accidentally saw your card, let me know and I'll make you a new one. :)