Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Counterfeit Kit: April 2010

It's TIME!!! The inspiration kit was revealed yesterday over on the Counterfeit Kit Challenge, and today the design team girls are sharing their takes on it! (As an aside, some very industrious challenge followers had already posted their kits yesterday just a few hours after the announcement- way to go, girls!!)

Front Porch Kits' premiere kit, "A Little Birdie Told Me" is the chosen forgery this month, and it turns out that forging it is the only way to get one now since it's already SOLD OUT!!

I fell in love with the kit as soon as I saw it! Yellows, greens, and lots of teal? Yes, please!!

Here's my take on the kit- I had a ton of fun pulling everything out! I even included a couple of vials of matching Martha Stewart glitter (since the original kit included glitter as well). Maybe this will actually get me using the stuff!


The paper selection was the toughest thing for me this month. I normally have at least one or two sheets of whatever is in the inspiration kit in my stash and will start from there, but this month I had nada. I resorted to plan B- pull similar colors and patterns- which has always worked for me in the past. I matched the colors and tones of the original kit pretty well (in my opinion), but something of the "feel" of it just wasn't coming through. Then it dawned on me- many of the papers in the original have black outlines highlighting the designs, giving them a doodled, almost whimsical feel.

I don't do whimsical.

Simply realizing what the issue was, though, was enough to quiet that little nagging voice of doubt, and after having made a few pages already with this kit I can definitely say that I made it fit me!


The embellishment selection was easier than I thought it would be, especially since some sweet person (you know who you are!!) sent me a box of goodies that included a set of chipboard banners from the Fancy Pants "It's the Little Things" line. Tons of the papers in the original kit came from this line, and having this chipboard set arrive on the same week I was putting the kit together was serendipitous, indeed!


I included my usual assortment of flowers and buttons...


...and I was so happy that the original kit included so much ribbon! I have a HUGE ribbon stash, so this will help use some of it up. I mentioned earlier that I've already been scrapping with the kit, and that yellow ric-rac? It's almost GONE, baby!


An assortment of journaling blocks has become another staple of my kits. I love these things as both design elements (embellishment cluster bases, anyone?) and spaces to write.


I have to admit that I'm becoming addicted to all this forging business. I'm already eying the April Studio Calico kits and thinking of copying them this month, too! Hmmm...