Thursday, April 14, 2011

Counterfeit Kit: 5K Mini Album

In my little whining rant yesterday, I mentioned that some weekends I still managed to find a few hours to scrapbook. Last Sunday was one of those days, so I dove into Counterfeit Kit's first mini challenge for April- using memorabilia on a page.


I'd been wanting to compile all the names, dates, and finish times for the 5Ks that I ran last year, and a mini album seemed like the perfect place to do it! I used a bunch of generic shipping tags as my album "pages," and then I of course accented with supplies from my April Counterfeit Kit.


For the memorabilia part, I chose to use a bunch of clothing tags that I saved from some of my running and gym gear. I'm a bit of a gear snob- Mizuno, Nike, New get the picture (I'm the same way with any hobby I have, really)- so I had some really cool tags to use.

I started with my first 5K of last year, the Shamrock Shuffle.



Some of the races I attended alone and didn't have photos, or I only had photos that I shot with my iPhone before or after the race. In the case of the Chick Fil A 5K, I was lucky enough to find a photo of myself at the start line on their Facebook page.


I also ran the Healthy Kids Day 5K sans accompaniment, so I just used a couple of random photos I shot after the race. This one had a hill that was killer!



Cotton Row was my fastest race last year- 29:42!!!! I know that's not exactly a stellar speed, but I'm not one of those natural runners who can bust out 6 or 7 minute miles.



The Independence Day 5K is the only race I'm planning on running this year. It's in my hometown, and it's fun to run with my parents watching. Last year I ran it in 29:47, my second fastest time and my only other race under 30 minutes!



The Paint the Streets 5K was just horrifically hot!! We started at 7am, and it was still over 90 degrees. I was so glad when that one was over.



The Yellow Ribbon 5K was my slowest time of the year, but it was also at night after work (all the others were in the morning), which I think made a difference. It was so awesome to get to run on a NASCAR track! And it was the first race I ran in a skirt...and I now luuuuuurrrve my running skirt!



I loved it so much that I wore it for the Monte Sano 5K, as well!



And I also wore it for the Spooktacular in October. This one was killer because I didn't have time to properly train for it. I was too busy training for my second degree black belt test!




I have to say that while making this I learned that I'm not really a huge fan of making mini albums- they just take me so much longer than layouts do, and I'm never really comfortable working with a smaller canvas. It's good to try one now and then, though, just to see how it feels.

Oh, and an update on last night and the whole dinner/new stove/no time incident. I finally did end up cooking on it, if only to make a cheese burrito. It totally rocks to be cooking with gas now!