Thursday, March 17, 2011

Scrapbook Update

You can't ever predict where life will take you.

Okay, really, I'm totally incapable of taking myself that seriously, especially today! Let's just say that I'm over the moon excited, thrilled, and perhaps just a touch nervous to finally announce that...

...deep breath...

...okay, maybe one more...

...I'm now a Contributing Writer for Scrapbook Update!

Yeah, I know, I can't believe it, either!! Nancy Nally contacted me in February to ask if I'd be interested in the job. I thought about it for about two seconds (and I think the only reason it took two seconds is because I had to make sure she was actually talking to me) before I was all, like, "heck, yeah- sign me up!!"

After that came the arduous process of having a headshot taken. Darren patiently took about 90 frames until we got one that I was happy with.


So, that's the mug that you'll be seeing when I post over at my new gig. I'll be sure to post here, too, to let you guys know when I've got something new up, but you really should go subscribe to Scrapbook Update to see all the great content from the other writers- May Flaum, Betsy Burnett, and, of course, Nancy. :)

I'll be writing from a consumer perspective (because goodness knows I'm definitely a consumer!)- there'll be reviews and news, and there's a good chance I'll be at CHA, as well (and I'm feeling a bit like Cinderella at the ball at the thought of that one!).

I have always thought that it would be cool to work in this industry, and I figured that one day I might have some projects published or maybe I'd run an Etsy shop. If anyone had told me that my future scrapbooking job would be writing, I would have told them they were nuts! (My parents are smiling at that right now. :) ) After all the fun I've had with my blog for the last (almost) three years, though, this just seems like a perfect fit, and I'm looking forward to the adventure!

Now, hop on over to Scrapbook Update to read the official announcement!