Thursday, March 24, 2011

In Which I Reveal A Blogging Trick (And a Layout)


Okay, it's time for me to 'fess up- sometimes I'm a lazy blogger. Sometimes life gets in the way, sometimes I have a longer to-do list than time to-do it in, and sometimes I just plain ol' don't feel like editing new photos to post.

So, what's an OCD "must post every day" kind of girl to do about that? My favorite solution is to keep a "stash" (if you will) of recently scrapped layouts ready to share. When I've got a stack of new pages and I'm in an editing mood, I'll photograph them all then edit and prep the photos for the blog. Then they wait until they're needed- maybe for a night like this (tonight my excuse is that we went out to dinner and I've been painting the hall closet since I got back home)- and then instead of not posting I share some scrappy goodness.

A Feisty Kitty and Some Flowers.jpg

These photos are from 2000- just some fun shots of my Mom and I along with some gorgeous roses from her garden and my cat at the time, Sprite (who has since passed on). 

I often have trouble scrapbooking with paper like the pattern above- I'm just never sure where to position things around all that pattern!! Here I cut out the big bunches of flowers to use in the corners, then used the "B" side of the paper across the bottom of the layout.


Another good thing about posts like these? The space between the photos is an excellent spot for me to ramble on about something inane that happens to pop randomly into my head. My random thought for tonight is about letter stickers. For the page above I had to cut an outline of the "e" from my sticker sheet because I was out of real "e"s. I think that all letter sticker sets should come with an extra sheet of nothing but "e"s and "s"s. Or maybe I should just start using my Cricut for titles more often.


I've become addicted to using buttons (these particular ones are from Papertrey) on my pages- a little habit I picked up from May Flaum (this is another layout based on her class material from Creative Retreat at Big Picture). It's just one of the little ways that my scrapping has become "Flaum"ified. ("Flaum"esque? "Flaum"iferous?) And if you're wondering why all my pages seem to be based on her classes lately, it's because I scrapped this batch in Boston in my hotel room, and most of the supplies I took with me were for Creative Retreat.


Another favorite embellishment? Little printed cardstock bits like this piece from K and Company. I've got lots of these in multi-colored piles that I really need to sort into my color bins.


This lazy blogger is going to take her tired self to bed now. I need to get up early and put a second coat of paint in the closet so Darren can hang up all the organizers before he leaves to go camping with the kids from church!