Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hello, Beastie!

There have been a couple of changes in the scrap room this week that I'm really excited about!!

Really, it's all a matter of basic math. You see, this...


...minus the white 21" iMac, plus this...

March 14, 2011

...equals photo editing (and future digi scrapping) heaven!


Yup!! I've upgraded to a 27" iMac (and he's so heavy that I've named him Beastie)!!! It's the current generation, but I picked it up used on Craigslist and got a great deal (the guy I bought it from has only had it since October). And, yes, you're reading the clock right- I did indeed take that photo at 1:15 am. I had serious sinus crud going on and couldn't sleep, so I decided that I'd at least be useful.

I'm still working on what to do about the server keyboard (the server is sitting off to the side, out of the picture). I used to use a KVM to switch between computers, but there's no way I'm giving up that awesome little wireless keyboard (Darren's first question was "where's the rest of it?") or magic mouse now!! Since the server runs Windows the new peripherals won't work with it, so I still have to keep the other set around.

I did manage to solve another wiring issue, though! I used to have two 6-port power strips under my desk, but both were full with only 3-4 things plugged in because so many of my devices use wall-wart style plugs that took up more than one spot. Enter this little guy:


This has to be the best configuration for a power strip ever! I was able to consolidate the contents of both my old strips onto this new one with room to spare. Love it!!

The best think about my new toy? The screen!! It's huge and bright- perfect for all the photo editing I seem to be doing these days. It's great for blogging, too. Mom snapped this photo of my adorbs nieceling Sophie and I last weekend (I picked up the computer near their house while I was visiting). There was plenty of room on the screen to stream a movie from Netflix for Sophie while I blogged away in another window.


And I've totally put my icons in rainbow order in the dock, thanks to this post on Elise Blaha's blog.


The arrangement totally appeals to my OCD side. :)