Saturday, March 26, 2011

Geek Girl: Star Wars Sweets, Mush, and More

After an afternoon of scrapping (with episodes of Burn Notice playing in the background), I feel a profound need to geek out for a bit before bed. Seems like the perfect time to share a pile of links that I've amassed over the last few weeks!

First up, a few videos, such as this one featuring selections from the Star Wars score played on dueling pianos. My opinion? Brilliant!

If you've ever wondered what The Princess Bride would have been had lightsabers been included, then this video is for you.

For the video game geeks (Hi, J!!), here's a trailer for the recently released Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars.

And, finally, remember the world's cutest Star Wars commercial that debuted during the Super Bowl? Here's a great outtakes reel from the production!!

For those than want something more crafty than a video, check out this adorbs Ewok dog costume! How long do you think that thing actually stayed on?

Or you could try building your own AT-AT from recycled computer parts.

The more artsy among us (okay, so all geeks in general) will appreciate this awesome collection of non-US Star Wars posters. Thanks to Lain Ehmann for sending the link along!

I promised you mush, and here it is- in the form of a short story by Timothy Zahn, resurrected and posted on the official site for Valentine's Day.

And, finally, let's wrap this one up with a selection of yummy Star Wars Sweets!

R2-D2 Swamp Cake.

Some awesome cookies (click through to see even more goodies).

And more cookies.

Until next time, geek out, peeps!