Saturday, March 5, 2011

Geek Girl: Rainy Day Geekery

It's been a quiet, rainy day here today- the perfect day for staying in the house, doing a few projects, and indulging in a little playtime in my craft room. Rainy nights, though? Those are seriously good times to geek out, and I've found a bunch of fun nerdy stuff to do just that with tonight.

This Seussian take on Star Wars is too adorkable for words!!

Or how about all of The Empire Strikes Back in one epic animated GIF? I'm just including one frame here for those with slower connections, but you can click through the link to see the whole thing.

Another wave of awesome Star Wars yummies has made its way around the web, including this incredibly detailed Death Star cake...

...a Luke Skywalker in a tauntaun cake...

...complete with realistic looking entrails...

...and from the same link great droid and Millennium Falcon cakes, as well.

And, wrapping up the sweets we have a trio of geeky cakes featuring Obi-Wan and a pair of clone trooper helmets!

If you're in need of a rainy day project, why not get hold of a set of Milennium Falcon blueprints and try building your own! I wonder if Harbor Freight sells hydrospanners...

Books are always a good way to pass a dreary day, but there's been a serious shortage of new Star Wars novels lately. Luckily there are several new ones on the way in the next few months, including Riptide. Originally the cover shown below was circulated as the final cut, but just this week it's been changed...again. I don't care what the cover looks like, just print the thing, already!

And, finally, how completely, utterly adorable is this baby TARDIS? My niece seriously needs one of these!!

Until next time, geek out, peeps!