Sunday, March 20, 2011

February 2011

Oh, February. You're the reason that I'm behind on my photo roundups. Somehow you were completely sucked away from me by a trip to Boston and a sinus infection. You kinda sucked, except for the Aruba part.

But, still, here you are...

This photo makes it look like all I did was hike, scrap, and eat for the entire month...oh, wait, that was pretty much it!! Well, almost...
  • Aruba. Aruba, I love you
  • IKEA in Orlando after Aruba. IKEA, I love you, too, but not as much as I love Aruba
  • A huge order from Stop and Scrap finally arrived. I tend to pre-order for a month or two, and then I get it all in one big box
  • More snow in Huntsville?!??
  • More scrappy goodness on clearance
  • A two week trip to Boston
  • Eating out a lot during the two week trip to Boston
  • Scrapping in my hotel room during the two week trip to Boston
  • Snow during my two week trip to Boston
  • Leaving Boston after two weeks with a sinus infection
  • Taking my Scrapbook Update headshot photo, sinus infection notwithstanding (this is one of only a few shots out of 90 in which I don't look stoned)
  • Making some cool shamrock art for the house for St. Patrick's Day
 Hopefully March's roundup will be a bit more timely. :)