Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Counterfeit Kit: Masters of Forgery

 I was getting ready to leave my parents' house Sunday night to make the drive back home when my iPhone informed me that I had a new email (okay, actually I had three). In a bit of a rush, I checked it and was very pleasantly surprised to see that it was a message from Meridy and Bethany at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge letting me know that I'd been selected for the design team! And just look at this list of the 10 other talented ladies who were selected:

I've heard over and over from scrapbookers that you shouldn't join design teams for products or projects that you're not passionate about- that you don't just love working with. After three months, I think it's safe to say that I'm totally in love with Counterfeit Kit, and I couldn't be more thrilled to have them as my first ever design team.

What's a girl to do to celebrate such a thing? How about counterfeiting another kit!!

I recently purchased Ali Edwards' Scrapbook On the Road online class, and I'm just loving it. It's so comprehensive, and Ali is an awesome teacher.

Cocoa Daisy put together a limited number of kits to go along with the class, and of course they sold out almost immediately. (Note: the kit is totally not required for the class.) Since a) the kit was $64.50 and b) isn't available any longer, even if I did want to buy it, I decided to pull from my stash and make my own!

This is Cocoa Daisy's kit:

And my take on it:


I apologize for the wonky lighting in the photo. I had to take the photograph last night so it would be ready to go this morning, and some of the packaging caught a lot of glare from the overhead lights in my scrap room.

I had some of the papers and supplies that were used in the original kit in my stash, and from there I went with the colors and general theme to choose a few more papers plus some coordinating embellishments. Now I have a kit ready and waiting for me when I take my next trip (which, with all the travel I've been doing lately is likely to be a while!).

Now that I'm officially a "Master of Forgery," I'm looking forward to creating many more kits and hopefully bringing others (hopefully including you, dear reader) on board with this great idea!