Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Better Trip To Boston (and a Snapfish Coupon)

This trip to Boston is shaping up to be much better than the previous one. No crazy 100 hour work weeks (though I am working second shift in the lab, meaning I get out later at night), no cold/sinus infection (yet, knock on wood), and no having to stay the weekend!

I can even get out for lunch this time- something I could only dream of on the last trip. Today I was thrilled to be able to meet up with the sweet Lain Ehmann at The Cheesecake Factory for some great food and a chance to chat. Lain is putting together a huge online scrapbooking class called True Scrap filled with fabulous teachers. It's so exciting to see offerings like this being made available for those of us who either don't have a local scrapbook store or can't find classes that we like in our area. And it's just all-around fun to be able to meet up with a fellow scrapper while away from home!

Oh, and my hotel room? Off the hook! I have a suite this time, and I can't tell you how awesome it is to be able to close the bedroom doors when I go to sleep.


I also love that it has a DVD player so I can watch the first season of Castle (love that show!) while I work on a small scrappy project that I brought along with me. I promised last week that I'd clue you in to what I planned to work on this time, so here it is!


Yes, I am admitting that my Week in the Life album from last April is still unfinished. All the photos and "life stuff" are in place, but I still have some embellishing and journaling to do (yes, I will also admit that my attempt at journaling during the actual week was a total failure).

The cool thing about this project is that since all the photos and paper are already cut and adhered I didn't need to bring scissors (I think there's a pair in my hotel room's kitchen, anyway), a paper trimmer, or my tape gun. In other words, I didn't need to bring nearly as much stuff as I did on my last trip. Instead, I threw my album pages, the rest an old Scarlet Lime kit that I'm using for this project, and some Glue Dots and a small tape runner into a box that fit neatly in my carry-on bag (woohoo for no checked bags!), and that was that.



How much I actually get done on that project, though, will depend entirely on how much time I spend editing and cropping photos for a deal that popped up yesterday- Snapfish is running a special again (they did this last time I was in Boston!) of 100 4x6 prints for $5 shipped (code STPATPRINT). I'm one of those who likes to choose a sketch and size my photos for it before they're printed, so ordering photos is a bit of an ordeal. I do love having stacks of pictures ready to be scrapped, though, so you can bet I'll be getting right on that!