Saturday, February 19, 2011

Geek Girl: Let's Go Shopping!

It's been a super long time since I did a Geek Girl post, though I've been bookmarking links of stuff like crazy to share with you guys. Today's post is all about some awesome geeky merchandise that's available (or in a few cases that I just wish was available).

This Star Wars travel poster (and several others you can see if you follow the link) fall into the latter category. I would so buy one or two of them if they were printed- Star Wars and travel are two of my most favorite things!

For travel closer to home, this Star Wars windshield cover is awesomely cool. I'm already thinking of getting a license plate that says TARDIS, though (since my tiny, tiny car is bright blue)- do you think that having one of these would be mixing metaphors too much?

Geeky fashionistas will appreciate this R2-D2 dress. I don't know if you can buy this exact one or not, but there are tons of nerdy clothing items available on Etsy. Seriously, just check out all the Jayne hats alone!

This Star Wars opening text crawl dress is simply a work of art!

The C-3P0 swimsuit I'm not too fond of (though I'm kinda digging those boots for my Mara Jade costume).

Do you get the feeling that not even the model likes this Yoda bathrobe? Seriously, he looks all depressed, as if his career couldn't possibly sink any lower. Now, if this were available in an infant size, I'd be all over it for my niece.

Speaking of my niece, my brother managed to score one of these awesome Star Wars ABC books (presumable for Sophie) before they sold out. It's simply too cute for words!

Techno geeks definitely have a lot to choose from when it comes to geeky merchandise. These R2-D2 headphones are just one of the latest products to be released.

If you're move Who-vian than all that, then this TARDIS speaker may be more your style.

HD geeks rejoice, for the Star Wars saga will be coming out on Blu-Ray in September!! It'll feature deleted scenes and a whole host of other special features. Unfortunately, Han will not be shooting first in this one. Grrr!!

Oooh, and speaking of geeky video, how about that awesome Star Wars themed ad from Volkswagen during the Super Bowl?!!?

Want to deck out your iPhone in true geek style? Check out these awesome LEGO cases! Yes, you can actually use these as building bases for Lego blocks.

While you're at it, grab a Hello Kitty/Star Wars themed iPhone wallpaper from Hello Wars. The HK Stormtrooper is my favorite!

Linus as Luke Skywalker. 'nuff said.

This amazing starfighter bed is actually available for purchase! Too bad I have no prayer of fitting it into the master bedroom at my house.

And, finally, (and because I really just wanted an excuse to include this picture), scientists are a step closer to creating an actual Sonic Screwdriver. Too cool!

Until next time, geek out, peeps!!