Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Kayaking

It's usually not advisable to try the stunts that you see in YouTube videos, but in this case I decided to make an exception.

It all started last night (after the ghetto sledding adventure) when Darren came into my office and said that a friend of his had just posted something on Facebook about kayaks making great sleds. I was all like, dude, why didn't I think of that?!?!?

Because, you see, I have a kayak...and upon hearing of the wondrous fun that it could inject into my otherwise sledless existence, I knew that I had to try it.

I did have to go to work today for a while, but since very few people were at the office I didn't stay long and brought work home with me for later. I was on a mission, I tell you!


We loaded the kayak up in the trusty 4Runner and drove back over to the same hill at the university. The first runs were absolute bliss- it really worked!!

Then we broke out the D3 (I was brave and brought it along with a tripod to keep it out of the snow when we weren't holding it) and took some pictures, and on my second run down the hill I thought I was going to hit the camera Darren, so I tried to steer away from him and ended up like this.


No worries, though! I pulled the kayak right back up the hill and tried again.




Then Darren took a headfirst run (I tried a couple of these, too)...


...and then proceeded to see if he could ride it like a snowboard.


It turned out something...






Awesome. :)

We shot a couple of videos, too.



After about an hour we were both wiped out, so we headed for home.


I'm really going to miss the snow when it's gone.