Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Eve Expedits

Totally by coincidence I've spent the last two New Years' Eves at home making stuff. In 2009 I made my knock-off Shootsac, and this year I built not one, but two Expedit bookcases!! The fourth and fifth ones I've built- I kind of feel like a pro now. :)

I decided to have a little fun with the Nikon's intervalometer while I was constructing the first one (thanks to Paperclipping Roundtable for mentioning the idea in an episode and reminding me that my camera has this feature built in) and set it up to take a photo every 10 seconds. I then loaded all those photos into iMovie, which spit out this video for me (there's no sound- I was too lazy to find music to go with it).

I only paused shooting when I had to go look for tools (I thought that large expanses of time with nothing going on would be kind of boring), and, yes, I did accidentally attach one of the sides as the top near the end. Luckily that was easy to fix. Darren also makes an appearance toward the end- he always has to help me get the corner screws in and tightened. By that point the bookcase weighs more than 200 lbs, and at that weight I simply can't wrestle things into place on my own.

Both Expedits already have a new home in the bedroom. Our house is small, and while the bedroom isn't tiny, it's pretty full with our king size bed in the middle of it (and I refuse to get a smaller one). That doesn't leave a lot of room for a wardrobe, so we've literally been using cheapo Wal-Mart bookcases covered with curtains for the last 8 years.


Oh, and not everything fit in those bookcases, so I often ended up with a big pile in a basket like this (and, yes, that's a wetsuit on top of the pile). Unattractive, no?


Here's what it looks like as of tonight.


We are so happy to have upgraded to these big boys!! I know it looks a bit crowded (and, really, there isn't a whole lot of room on either side of the bed- plenty of space to walk, but that's about it) from that perspective, so here's another.


I know that it's not the ideal storage solution for everyone, especially if you like more space, but for us it's perfect. We've got space for clothes, books, and whatever else we want to store- I even have a little charging station for my phone and an Anthropologie egg crate for jewelry hanging out in one of my cubes!

Oh, and just for the fun of it, here are a few pictures of the 4Runner (right before Darren helped me unload it) the morning after I made my insane solo trip to IKEA to pick up the bookcases, baskets, and an organizer system for the hall closet (I won't be getting to that for a while). The car was stuffed completely full, but, hey, if I'm going to drive 8 hours, I'm going to at least be efficient and bring back as much as possible!