Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Nassau Before Christmas: December 20 & 21

Our last two days in Nassau were definitely tourism and travel days. We were planning one more big day at Atlantis, either at the aquarium, the water park, or both. As it turned out it was too windy and cool for the water park to be enjoyable on Monday, so we decided to just go to the aquarium instead.

But first we had to get there. I loved the Jitney, and at $1.25 per passenger it's a bargain for travel.


My family may recognize this view- it's the street right outside the cruise terminal where we docked in 2009.


And here's another view of the little arcade where our favorite internet cafe is located.



We stopped in on our way to Atlantis to check email and so that I could send my brother a happy birthday message.


And also so we could pick up some snacks (I'm still trying to find a source to order McVities apple and sultana biscuits in the states) and bottled water at the supermarket before we took the water taxi to Paradise Island (I was not about to pay Atlantis prices for lunch!). I told you I'm a cheap traveler...


If you look at the palm trees in this photo you can see how hard the wind was blowing. Most definitely not a water park day, especially at $120 a ticket.


The aquarium was expensive enough ($40 each), but as soon as I saw these turtles in the very first pool I knew it was totally worth it.


The rest of the aquarium photos will get their own post (because there are so many!).


After the aquarium (amazing, amazing, amazing, and I totally recommend it to anyone who's visiting Nassau), we took another quick walk through the hotel.


I managed to find a Christmas tree I hadn't yet photographed- love the fish and shells theme on this one.


And then we took a leisurely walk back to the water taxi station, stopping off when we spotted this little wild area that we hadn't seen before.



Back at Breezes we crashed and relaxed to read for a while until it was time for dinner- Martino's again!



Shrimp bruschetta.


And grilled shrimp with tortellini. Sooooo good!


Our flight didn't leave until 3pm on Tuesday, and we didn't have to be checked out of the resort until noon, leaving us plenty of time to run around and do things "one last time."


One of the activities that I'd kept meaning to try was the climbing wall, and luckily it was open that morning.


Unfortunately they wouldn't let me go barefoot, and my Tevas were totally not up to the task of climbing.


So this is about as far as I made it. It's a lot harder than it looks!


Then Darren tried it...


...and did much better than I, but he didn't make it all the way to the top, either.


Then there was one last walk on the beach, this time with the macro lens in tow so I could capture some detail shots.





And then one last lunch at the pool grill (I think I ate my weight in hot dogs here during the week), and for Darren one last glass of Junkanoo punch. He says he falls in love with the local soda wherever he travels, and Nassau was no exception.


And for me it was one last meal of conch fritters and fries. I was supposed to have two fritters, but while I was taking a photo of the soda dispenser a sneaky seagull stole one of them right out of my tray!


My last photo from the trip is at the airport in Nassau. Darren had gone to see if he could find wifi anywhere to hook up to, and when he came back he had found an apple cinnamon donut for me instead!! Bless him- I'd really missed those on this trip.


And thus ended our vacation in the Bahamas- a trip that included my first international flight. And I'm excited because the second one will be coming up very soon!