Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Nassau Before Christmas: December 18 & 19

Snow is starting to fall outside as I'm posting these photos, making this trip seem like it was a million years ago instead of less than three weeks! If you're interested in seeing more photos from this trip to Nassau, check under the Travel category. :)

One of my favorite things about staying at resorts or going on cruises is the food. There's always such variety and such cool presentation. I mean, they even made peanut butter look pretty on the breakfast buffet!





We didn't have any major plans for the weekend in Nassau, so Saturday and Sunday were spent just hanging out in town and around the resort. Since it rained off and on Saturday, we decided to head into town (since hanging around on the beach was out), look around, and hunt down an internet connection (and a hat, since rain meant that my hair would otherwise become a frizzy mess).

We took the Jitney to the straw market, then wandered into an arcade situated in a nearby alley. I love this grouping of you think there just might be a Greek restaurant nearby or something?


And I could scarcely believe me eyes...a Sanrio store right there in Nassau!


We found an internet cafe in the same arcade. It was a complete hole in the wall, but I felt all Michael Westin using it. Plus it was cheap- $5.00 an hour compared to $18.00 at the resort!


We spent about 45 minutes checking email and catching up on news, then ventured out to find a grocery store (I needed a serious chocolate fix!).


I don't know what it is about foreign grocery stores, but I love them.


Maybe it's the brands you never find in the States...


or maybe it's the products that you never see here.


Whatever it is, I love them, and we visited two. The photos above are from a supermarket near the port, and the one below is from one a little further into town. We actually visited this same store last time we were here- Dad may recognize it since he was with us. :)

Oh, and I did find chocolate here- European chocolate, with hazelnuts. Darren bought a coveted Bounty bar (which you also can't get in the US).


Venturing away from the tourist areas also gives you a chance to see the rest of the island and what it really looks like.


We kept wandering (I totally prefer walking to taking a cab) until we found the Queen's Staircase- one of the items we had on a short list of places to visit on our trip. There was a large group of tourists gathered around, so we walked up to the top to browse around until they left.


And Darren proceeded to do what he normally does...climb stuff. :)


And then I finally had the chance to take a clear shot of the staircase. We met the coolest family while we were there- they were visiting on one of the cruise ships and were geocaching!! Definitely not your normal cruise passengers.


Saturday evening we had dinner at Martino's, one of the restaurants at Breezes. The resort was all-inclusive, but you had to have reservations ahead of time for the restaurants (they can only seat so many people). We managed to get in three of the five nights we were there, and all the meals were wonderful!! I forgot to take my Nikon with me to dinner that night, so I shot a photo of Darren's banana mousse with my iPhone.


Sunday morning the seas were still pretty angry due to Saturday's storms, but we still took our mornng walk on the beach.


This was our favorite breakfast table- I had a great view of the dolphin statue in the pool.


Sunday morning we actually went to church with a local woman named Opal, a new friend we'd made while out on our excursion to Atlantis.


That afternoon we read books on the beach. Or at least tried to. The rain from the previous days storms had passed, but the wind had not. After getting sandblasted once or twice, we gave up and went to read in the room instead.


Reading in the room isn't bad when this is the view from your window. We had a "garden view" room, but since it was on the corner of the building we could see the ocean just fine.


Lunch buffet. And, no, I didn't take photos of every buffet. :) I did, however, try to get pictures from at least one each of breakfast, lunch, and dinner.



After lunch (and after the wind died down a bit), we went exploring around the outside of the resort.


There was a pretty public garden right across the street!




He really, really wanted to climb that.


I loved these plant markers in the sidewalks.


This is the Garden of Eden, one of the outdoor restaurants at Breezes. They also have an indoor portion, which we ate at later in the evening.


I do love Christmas lights. :)



A shot of the lobby, which is actually open-air.


And the aforementioned dinner at the Garden of Eden. I think this was a scallop dish of some sort that I ordered as an appetizer.


But for the main course I was true to my meat and potatoes personality.


We had the coolest waiter, Polo. We actually ended up seeing him several more times before we left, but I never got a picture of him!! ::sniff::

Anyway, I bring up Polo because near the end of the meal he brought me this awesome punch (which I didn't order). He said it was his own mix...something about grapefruit, pineapple, and another ingredient I can't remember. It was really good, and a neat surprise.


And thus ended our two laziest days of the trip. :)