Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Nassau Before Christmas: Christmas at Atlantis

In my last Nassau vacation post I mentioned how spectacular the Atlantis resort looked when it was decked out for Christmas and that it deserved its own post. Well, here it is!

There are several little groupings of shops scattered around Atlantis- all very high priced, though I wouldn't have minded taking a few of these glass fish home with me! We actually only purchased one souvenir our entire trip- a Christmas ornament (we have several from places we've traveled). That was it- no t-shirts or other trinkets, just an ornament.


I'm a bit of an architecture junkie, so all of the elaborate light fixtures really caught my eye (and thus were photographed).


There were many, many amazing sculptures displayed throughout the hotel.


An attempted self-portrait in a (very ornate) mirror. And yes, I'm wearing a Doctor Who t-shirt. It just seemed like the thing to do at Atlantis.


This hairy fireball looking thing was in the casino.


As was this gorgeous carpet. Yes, I took pictures of the carpet...but you already knew I was a little weird, right?



I think I simply stood in front of this thing with my mouth hanging agape for several minutes. Utterly gorgeous!


There were lots of beautiful Christmas trees everywhere!


This column is also a waterfall/fountain.



So many pretty baubles on this tree!



I loved, loved, loved the lights in the archways.


More light fixtures...


And lots of artwork such as this piece sitting out on display.




Here be dragon!!


I really want this fixture to come live with me!





Mmmm, such gorgeous colors on this tree.



I stumbled across this display while Darren was downstairs at the ticket desk asking about aquarium passes (we ended up going a few days later). I remember gasping (squeaking?) and running down the stairs to find him so he could see, too. I love dolphins!


And, as luck would have it, we wandered down the hall and found even more of them.



Fixating on fixtures again...


My heart did a little pitter-patter when I read the "Custom Atlantis Scrapbooking Supplies" sign, but I was disappointed with the selection- just a few uninspiring papers, so I didn't purchase any.


More carpet...sorry.


And more shops.


As amazing as the free portions of Atlantis are, the aquarium was even more spectacular. We visited it the following Monday, so I have a weekend's worth of Bahamas photos to share with you before I get to that!