Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Love Your Wampa


It was the end of a long (but entirely too fun) day. One of those days that you simultaneously hope will never end and pray for it to be over because your feet are killing you. One of those days that ends with you being in a very silly mood- the kind of mood that makes you run up and hug a wampa while a snowtrooper is holding you at blaster point.


I put this layout together in response to the January challenge at Nerdy Victorious Scrappers. I drew my color palette from this month's collage (thus the atypical usage of pink), and all the supplies (except the cardstock) are from the fabulous Thrift Shop Junkie kit by the Pink Ninja Addicts.

I meant to give this layout an organic feel, and somehow that lead to me completely lifting a Jennifer Johner layout. Ah, well, I love her layouts and am totally tickled with how mine turned out.


It'll be another two and a half years until the next Star Wars Celebration, but until then I'm going to be sure to enjoy playing with my photos from the last one!