Monday, January 10, 2011

Journal Your Christmas: December 27 through 30

I did it!! I've finally finished my Journal Your Christmas/December Daily album. And since Journal Your Christmas ended on January 6 (and today is the 10th) I'm not even that far behind!!

December 27th's entry was about something I don't do any more (except for very rare occasions)- sleeping in. For the last few months I've been getting up super early to go to the gym before work, and I'm loving it!



December 28th's assignment was to scrapbook all those little indulgences that pop up around Christmas. I have a serious thing for Christmas chocolates and the holiday fragrances from Bath and Body Works, so I included those.


I even punched bits from a Bath and Body Works ad to use as embellishments, along with a Starbucks coffee sleeve.


December 29th is usually a "catch-up" day for Journal Your Christmas, but I decided to use it to document my trip to IKEA to get the items for a new project. We never take a day off around here! :)




January 30th is the annual "year in review" entry, and I decided to use the monthly photo roundups that I already do for the blog as part of my entry.



I printed each month's collage as a 4x4 print, then adhered them back to back with a little tab at the top labeled with the month. They all fit nicely in an envelope on the page and can easily be pulled out.


I'll be back tomorrow with more entries to share!