Monday, January 3, 2011

Journal Your Christmas: December 23 through 26

Yes, I'm still slogging (and I mean literally slogging) through these pages. I think that if I hadn't been so conscientious of keeping up with the journaling and photos during the last week or so, I would have dropped it entirely! And, unlike all you December Daily peeps, those of us in Journal Your Christmas go through January 6!!

December 23rd's entry was all about stockings. This was always one of my favorite parts of Christmas morning as a kid, and I still enjoy my stockings today!




For some reason I forgot to include photos of our sushi lunch on my Christmas Eve page!!




Christmas Day I was just a little enchanted with our snow...can you tell? :) It was also another one of those days where the journaling wouldn't fit neatly onto the page, so I used another 4 Bar envelope from Paper Source.



December 26, which is usually my post-Christmas sales shopping day, was also the big gift-opening day with my family.




I was hoping to get another round of pages ready for tomorrow, but that's not going to happen. I went to pick up my prints at Sam's, and they'd refused to print it out because a Kodak logo ended up in one of the pictures I took while we were watching the Times Square festivities on New Year's Eve. Is that not beyond ridiculous? I'll have to find a way to print that one at home, I suppose.