Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goodbye December and 2010, Hello 2011!!

December's photo roundup has to be the biggest I've done so far this year- 49 photos!! But for a month that was so packed with stuff, that's totally understandable.

Some of this month's highlights:
  • Decorating for Christmas- love it!
  • A little minor reorganization of in-progress projects
  • Harry Potter!!!
  • Helping my parents decorate their Christmas tree, with miss Sophie Clare in attendance
  • Visiting Nassau, Bahamas for five whole days in the dead of winter- beautiful!!
  • Christmas Eve sushi, church service at a baseball stadium with fireworks, and opening gifts with Darren's family
  • A white Christmas day at home, opening gifts and then playing outside in the snow
  • Celebrating the day after Christmas with my family, and getting to actually see my cousins open their Christmas gifts for the first time in years
  • Packing up all the Christmas decorations (I think I like this as much as getting them out) and playing with my gifts (the "geek" pile is pictured)
  • An insanely long day at IKEA, followed by another insanely look (but immensely satisfying) organizing spree at home
  • Snacking on ice cream while ringing in the new year
Here's a look back at all the monthly collages for 2010 (I actually started this in February, so I quickly made one for January- gotta love Lightroom for quickly accessing photos by date).
















Here's to totally rocking life in 2011!