Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Day After Christmas

It's another little tradition for my Mom and I to go shopping at Target the morning after Christmas, except she wasn't feeling up to going this year. :( The roads were also somewhat icy (not too bad, just a few patches) and Darren didn't want me driving by myself, so he drove me instead.

And stood by while I selected clearanced wrapping paper, gift bags, and chocolates. And then had fun sliding the shopping cart around on the ice. :)


Jon and Beth had arrived with miss Sophie Bug by the time we got back, and she was enjoying a morning snack.


We piled all the gifts under the tree from both of our cars just so I could get a shot of them all together. before we started opening them.


Beth picked out the prettiest wrapping paper this year!!


We spent some time cleaning and cooking since the rest of the extended family was coming for lunch, and then we opened gifts while Sophie napped.

All the kids went together and gave Mom and Dad a Keurig coffee maker since they'd enjoyed using D's so much over Thanksgiving.


I made sure to wrap at least one of my brother's gifts in pink Strawberry Shortcake paper. :)


We gave Beth a book she'd been wanting.


And of course J always gets video games.



Mom hugged her extra-thick yoga mat as soon as she saw what it was!


And Darren got a stuffed donkey. Okay, actually his gift from Beth and Jon was a donation through Samaritan's Purse to pay for part of a donkey for a family in a third world country. Very cool.


And he also got a big case of coffee for his Keurig from my parents (and he's been drinking tons of it!).



You can't see it in the picture, but J's shirt says "I'm Kind of a Big Deal."


And then miss Sophie woke up and wanted lunch, so my Dad took over feeding duties.


The extended family arrived shortly after that. This is my cousin Michelle trying to teach our grandparents how to text.


There was soooo much good food on the buffet!




Darren with my Aunt Tina and Uncle Mike.


And Sophie again (sorry, I couldn't help it- she's too adorable!!), very interested in her feet.


And also her turle.


My granddad cracked me up when he decided to wear the trim from one of his gifts as a headband!


Not the greatest composition in this shot, but at least I got most everyone in!




Just to be clear, we didn't actually give my grandmother a weighted hula-hoop. Mom just used the box from hers to wrap another gift. :)


Granddad again. ::snicker::



We all got the biggest laugh out of the shirt that Mike and Tina gave to Dad.


And then Sophie got a gift...


And proceeded to open it. We'd meant to save all of her presents until later, but somehow this one slipped in.


Not too long after that we decided it was a good time for her to open gifts anyway.


She was much more alert and into it than I'd expected a 5 month old to be- she was very active in tearing the paper...

December 26, 2010

...and of course pretty much everything went into her mouth. And yes, yes I did give my niece an LED pacifier.


I also gave her a biohazard onsie. Let's just say she can be certain times. :)


Om nom nom nom!!


Opening one last gift...


We had to drive back home that evening since Monday was a work day for Darren (and for J and my Dad, too). The whole day was a wonderful end to a wonderful Christmas. :)