Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Road Trip (and a Halloween Layout)

So, those Journal Your Christmas pages I was planning on posting today? Yeah, not so much (I will try to get to them tomorrow)...

Instead I went to the happiest place on Earth- IKEA!!


Those of you who have a version of this wonderful store in your neighborhood may be wondering why a trip there is such a blog-worthy event. Thing is, my closest one is four hours away, meaning that I don't go very often (and when I do, it's an all day event with looooooots of driving involved).


It's always a difficult choice- do I give up one of my vacation days to get some much-needed organizational items, or do I stay home and scrapbook, read, and generally goof around all day. We really did need some closet organizers and a pair of Expedit bookcases for the bedroom, though, so in the end I was a good, responsible girl and went.


I didn't have the chance to take many photos since there was just one little me and three cartloads of stuff to wrangle into the 4Runner (which is currently sitting in the driveway bursting at the seams welds. We'll get it all unloaded tomorrow morning. Tonight I need to clear a spot in the living room to stack it all until Friday when I start construction. I'm a pro at building Expedits by now. :)


In lieu of new Christmas pages, let me instead share with you a Halloween layout that I finished last week. I can't believe I've already scrapped my Halloween decor photos! It's kind of cool to already have them in an album.

halloween decor.jpg

This page is based on a sketch from Valerie Salmon's Got Sketch 106 class, and I pulled out some of my yummy new Pink Paislee "Hocus Pocus" papers to play with while I made it.





Okay exhausted me is going to try to make space in the living room now (by taking down the Christmas tree). Or maybe I'll just crawl into bed instead...