Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Nassau Before Christmas: December 16 & 17


So, on the 16th Darren and I flew out to Nassau, Bahamas (thanks to some free tickets from AirTran) to spend a few days in the sunshine and help combat those serious cases of the winter blahs I've been known to get.

This is what the weather looked like when we took off from our connection in Baltimore...


...and this is what we landed in about three hours later. Gorgeous!


We stayed at Breezes Resort because a) it was all-inclusive and b) a much better value (because it was on a serious sale) than staying at a hotel and going on our own for food and airport transfers.


I kinda fell in love with the bathroom as soon as we got there.


And with the view from the beach behind the property (we arrived close to sunset).


And with being about to walk around cool streets like this right in front of the resort.


Oh, and I definitely fell in love with the buffet.


The next morning I woke up early. Really early. Like, before anyone else except the staff was up early. And I continued to do that for the rest of the week for some reason, but I didn't mind because that meant that for an hour or two each day we basically had the place to ourselves.


The pool area was really pretty. I loved this dolphin statue that was visible from the dining room- we tried to eat breakfast at the table near its window every morning.



Some of the tile work in the pools was really pretty, too.



Oh, and here's the beach in daylight. :)



We had planned on visiting Atlantis once or twice while we were in Nassau, and Friday seemed like as good a day as any to go.

I seriously want this yacht that was parked outside, by the way.


The inside of Atlantis is absolutely spectacular, and it was even more so when we were there because they had it all decked out for Christmas.


I took so many photos inside that they'll get their own post...eventually.


After running around Atlantis for a while, we decided to walk around Paradise Island a bit in search of the Versailles Gardens, which we'd been told were beautiful.

That's Darren, doing what we does- climbing stuff. :)


Turns out that we'd been told right- the gardens were gorgeous!


While there, we may or may not have accidentally crashed the Ocean Club (you know, the one from Casino Royale- that Ocean Club). In our defense, we never saw the sign...


I totally blame the Ocean Club for backing their hotel up to a public garden.



I just had to snap a photo of this sign while we were waiting for the water taxi back to New Providence Island- too cute!


Much of our trip involved adventures in public transportation, which I love! We took the water taxi both times we went to Atlantis because it's more fun, and also because it's a lot cheaper than taking a cab across the bridge. I can be notoriously cheap on vacation.



Once the water taxi dropped us back at NPI, all we had to do was hop a public bus that would drop us right in front of the resort. It doesn't get much easier than that!


Mmmmm, more sunset photos.


And that ended day 2 in Nassau. Next time I post about this, I'll share some amazing Atlantis photos. I loved that place!