Monday, December 20, 2010

Journal Your Christmas- December 9&10

Hello again, everyone! I'm back with more pages from my Journal Your Christmas/December Daily album.

I try not to be too regimented about choosing photos for my album. If I have photos of a Christmas activity that took place on a different day, or even in a different month, I will go ahead and include them in my album on whatever day is appropriate. For example, we walked though the Galaxy of Lights in November (before Thanksgiving, actually), but the photos work well for the topic of Christmas traditions, which was the entry for December 9th.


Over the last few years I've become more and more fond of not simply wrapping packages, but making the wrapping something special all on its own. This year I'm doing that with pretty ribbons, tags, and glittery snowflake ornaments (one of which I included on the journaling page).


Just a few more days until Christmas! I'll be catching up on posting pages next week, hopefully all week, as I get more prints back from the developer. I'm really falling in love with this little album!