Thursday, December 30, 2010

Journal Your Christmas: December 19 through 22

I've packed up almost all the Christmas from everywhere except one room of my house- the scrap room. In here there's still Christmas stuff strewn across every available flat surface, and it'll likely stay that way until January 6th, when Journal Your Christmas officially ends. Whew!

I really think that I'm going to do this album all digital next year, for a few reasons. First, there's the aforementioned Christmas stuff scattered everywhere, and yet I'm still having trouble picking out embellishments that I'm happy with each day. Then there's the fact that since I'm getting prints several days behind, I'm obviously several days behind on album assembly as well. And it seems that as long as I still have pages to put together, I'm not working on any other projects, which is not a good thing. I love this album, but I don't want it completely taking over 37 days of my scrapbooking while I'm doing it- know what I mean?

All digital won't be bad- it'll still be words and photos, and there's tons of cute digital Christmas stuff (I'm thinking Cosmo Cricket or Echo Park). I can have it all printed as a photobook at the end, which will cost me about the same amount as having all the pages printed individually.

Anyway, on with the pages. December 19 is our annual letter to Santa. Mine was short and sweet this year. :)


I found this lovely paper at Paper Source when I was in DC in October, and I just love it with my photos from the Bahamas.



December 20th was the day we went to the aquarium at Atlantis, so I included a ton of photos from our visit.


I love this neon green contrasted with the turquoise (a Hambly print) for some reason. I've seen a lot of neon green this Christmas (mostly in store window displays) come to think of it.



December 21st- on our way home, and excited that the house is all decorated and waiting for us!




December 22nd was all about those things that still needed to be done. My list was, thankfully, very short since we'd finished so much of it before our trip!




Is anyone else still working on their December Daily or Journal Your Christmas albums? I'm so ready for mine to be done!