Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Journal Your Christmas: December 15 through 18

This album is coming together semi-quickly, which is making me a very happy scrapper! It means that I get to enjoy the finished product that much sooner and that I can move on to some other projects that I have in the hopper, as well!

Day 15's prompt centered around visitors and whether you're expecting anyone for Christmas. For the last few years we've been the Christmas visitors, so I chose to document that aspect of our holiday.


This is one of those times where having photos printed several days (or weeks) after the prompt passes is a good thing, because it allowed me to include photos from Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas.


For a few days last week, my album took a decidedly un-Christmaslike turn. You see, there's about a week in Journal Your Christmas that has prompts that I sometimes just don't know what to do with, so I had fun making them fit with our Nassau vacation instead!


For instance, this page is about how grateful I was that we were able to take the trip.


And this page even has some Christmas stuff on it, since we visited Atlantis that day, and it was totally decked out with trees and lights (the prompt was all about the perfect gift).




December 18th's prompt was about Christmas dinner. At that point in time, our Christmas dinner plans were still in flux because of some tricky scheduling, so I wrote about that and then included some photos of the dinner we ate at the resort that night.




I love that Shimelle's prompts can be used to document many aspects of the season- even some that are perhaps a little unorthodox. :)