Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Journal Your Christmas: December 11 through 14

This week is going to be a major catch-up time for me and this album! I've been keeping up with my journaling and editing photos, but a vacation close to Christmas and then traveling to visit family meant that I had very limited time to actually assemble it.

My plan is to bring you several pages from this book every day this week (except, mostly likely, for Friday). That plan has already been somewhat foiled- I had these pages all finished last night and photographed them, but when I started to crop the photos I realized that I'd left the ISO set waaaay too high (a leftover ofrom all the Christmas photo taking), and since it was already pretty late I decided to hang it up and re-photograph them to post this morning instead.

December 11 was all about the Christmas tree. Since I'd already included a full photo of the decorated tree in another day's entry, I decided to use my shots of colorful ornament piles here.


And I threw in a Hello Kitty Christmas tree sticker just for the fun of it. (And, yes, the pages are still curved- frelling rolled paper!)



December 12 is always the hardest entry for me as it's all about Christmases past. I've mentioned before that I have a terrible memory unless I have photos to look at, so it's difficult for me to recall more than a handful of actual Christmas moments. It's not that they weren't fun or memorable, my mind just doesn't work that way.

Instead of trying to go with an old memory, I journaled about how driving to Nashville to help decorate my parents' Christmas tree was reminiscent of all the years I did that when I was a kid.



You know how you can have a love-hate relationship with something? Well, I have a hate-hate relationship with most Christmas music. There are only a few albums I like, and tend to stick with them and not venture out much. I had to go back and revise my entry when I actually assembled this page, though (which is why there are two journaling tags instead of one), because I found a few more Christmas albums this year that I did indeed enjoy,




I had more journaling about our gift giving this year than I could squeeze onto the page, so once again I wrote it all out and stuck it in an envelope. As an aside, I'm totally digging the whole envelope thing because I hate my handwriting to be on display (it's pretty awful).




I should have another four pages ready to post later today, now that my camera has been properly calibrated. Oh, and I might sneak in some Nassau photos, too- I'm finally feeling like I can sit down and edit them without being overwhelmed!