Sunday, December 5, 2010

Goodbye, November!

Woohoo, look at me! I actually remembered to do November's photo roundup. :)

November was another packed (and super fun) month. Some highlights:
  • My second degree black belt test (sooo glad that's done- all those classes were like boot camp!)
  • Shooting a football game for the first time in forever (I missed a bunch because of the black belt test prep)
  • UAH Hockey!!
  • Darren's birthday, which was a really tiny affair this year since he was in the middle of writing papers and studying for finals (seriously, his birthday dinner was Chick Fil A takeout- his choice)
  • Lots of fun in the scrap room making cards, organizing my cruise album, and even squeezing in a layout or two
  • Finally finishing the reorg on the scrap room- everything works beautifully in here now
  • Watching the Christmas tree lighting at Bridge Street (and a little shopping afterward)
  • Walking through the Galaxy of Lights at the Botanical Garden (so much better than driving through)
  • Cooking Thanksgiving dinner for my family- we had a blast!
  • Getting into Christmas way earlier than I normally do
December is already off to a rockin' start- can't wait to see what all this month brings!