Saturday, December 25, 2010

Geek Girl: Geek the Halls

Merry Geekmas to one and all!!

I've been collecting links all month to all kinds of merry mayhem around the web, and I wanted to share the festivities with my fellow geek girls (and boys).

I thought I had finished with all the geeky sweets in my last Geek Girl post, but apparently not! How adorable is this Yoda Cake? (Credit to

These fortune cookies from the Lucasfilm Christmas party hail from Twitter. I want!!

Okay, someone has been seriously holding out on me!! Where can I find these awesome candy molds?!?!

Bonniegrrl Tweeted a link to ten awesomely geeky gingerbread creations. The AT-AT and the TARDIS are my favorites, but they're all pretty cool.

No geeky Christmas would be complete without decorations.

I have no words to describe this Dalek Christmas tree. It's awesomeness refuses to be contained by the English language...EXTERMINATE!!

I posted some Star Wars themed snowflakes earlier this week, but then I found more! There's a Chewbacca flake here, and TIE fighter and Rebel Alliance flakes (and more) here.

Want a Star Wars action figure wreath to adorn your entry? You have three versions to choose from. :)

DK has several free Lego Star Wars desktop wallpapers that you can download to decorate your computer screen.

In the geeky greetings category, we have the 501st Legion's Christmas card for this year...

...and the 2010 Lucasfilm card. You can also see the previous 33 years of Lucasfilm cards here.

If you need a little Christmas entertainment, look no further than the Star Wars Christmas album. Yes, such a thing exists, but unfortunately it's out of print and used copies go for outrageous sums of money.

These coloring pages from should keep the little ones entertained. Heck, they'd keep me entertained...anyone know where the crayons are?

If you really feel adventurous, you might want to check out the Star Wars Holiday Special. Two hours of Wookies, Jefferson Starship, and the introduction of Boba Fett. It's not available on DVD anywhere (I think that Harrison Ford would like to forget that it exists), but if you Google you can find bootleg copies around the web.

If geeky fun is more up your alley, then I have not one, but two snow R2-D2s to share with you!

Oh, and make sure that you click here to see a cute Mauly the Snowman video. :)

I hope everyone is having a merry Christmas!!